Textile Leveling Agent Rg-Fy for Cotton Dyeing

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Textile leveling agent RG-FY for cotton dyeing 

Main ingredient: non-surface active acrylic copolymer

Physical and chemical indicators:
Appearance: colorless to light yellow transparent viscous liquid
Ionicity: negative/non
pH value: 6.0~7.0
Solid content: 14~23%
Boiling point: about 100°C
Solubility: It can be dissolved in any ratio with cold or warm water, but requires vigorous stirring.
Compatibility: Compatible with all anionic and nonionic wetting and dispersing agents.

Performance characteristics and uses:
. Anti-migration agent RG-FY is an environmentally friendly product that meets EU standards for export.
. Anti-migration agent RG-FY is non-surfactant and therefore does not generate foam.
. Anti-migration agent RG-FY can improve the stability of rolling liquid even in the presence of hard water substances.
. Anti-migration agent RG-FY can prevent the migration of dye particles on the cloth surface during the intermediate drying process, so it can ensure a uniform dyeing appearance, prevent the occurrence of color difference in the edge and the color difference on both sides, and improve its levelness. .
. In the dyeing of thin fabrics, adding this product under the condition of poor pre-drying and drying conditions can effectively overcome the dyeing streaks, achieve a good effect of leveling, and also have a certain deepening effect.
. The anti-migration agent RG-FY neither affects the color development of the dye on the fabric, nor the fixation, and can be easily washed off the cloth surface.
. The dye bath containing the anti-migration agent RG-FY does not contaminate the hot air guide roller, so when changing colors, just running a wet guide cloth through the hot air roller can clean the roller.
The mantle containing anti-migration agent RG-FY can still be used after many days of storage.

How to use: Anti-migration agent RG-FY is used in the following processes:
. Vat dyeing of cellulose fiber fabrics.
Process: padding → steaming, or padding → jigging
. Disperse/Vat dyeing of polyester/cellulose fiber blended fabrics, or disperse/reactive dyeing.
Process: Padding→Hot Melting→Steaming
. Dyeing of polyester woven fabric with disperse dyes
Process: Padding→Hot Melting
Liquid pH: Anti-migration agent RG-FY is most effective at pH 5-10.
Dosage: Dosage of anti-migration agent RG-FY: 5-15 g/L.
The actual amount depends on the fabric structure and fiber composition. The higher the chemical fiber content, the thinner and fluffy the fabric will be. The amount of anti-migration agent RG-FY also needs to be increased to prevent dye migration. For continuous dyeing of medium-heavy polyester/cotton fabrics with mixed dyes, the anti-migration agent RG-FY should be added to the dye bath at about 7.5 g/L.
Preparation of rolling liquid: Dissolve the anti-migration agent RG-FY with warm water 10-20 times the weight of the anti-migration agent RG-FY while stirring, and dissolve or disperse other auxiliaries and dyes according to the corresponding requirements. The migration agent RG-FY solution, dye dispersion and auxiliaries are successively filtered through a fine mesh or filter cloth, added to the chemical tank, and prepared into a dye bath of the required volume.
The specific process should be adjusted as appropriate according to the test.

Packaging and storage:
50 or 130 kg plastic drums, protected from exposure to sunlight and freezer, stored at room temperature. Shelf life is one year.
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