Solvent Yellow 33 (CAS No. 8003-22-3) for Plastic Masterbatch

Plastic Masterbatch with Solvent Yellow 33 (CAS No. 8003-22-3) - Factory direct supplier of high-quality plastic colorants. Customize your plastics with vibrant hues.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
solvent yellow 33
solvent dye
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Name:C.I.Solvent Yellow 33,C.I.47000

Molecular Structure: Quinoline

C.I.Solvent Yellow 33,C.I.47000,CAS 8003-22-3,273.29,287.31,C18H11NO2,C19H13NO2,Lemon Yellow 4G,Solvent Yellow 4G,Transparent yellow TP,Oil Lemon Yellow 4G

Molecular Formula:C18H11NO2,C19H13NO2

Molecular Weight: 273.29,287.31

CAS Registry Number:8003-22-3

Manufacturing Methods : the dye: (a) 2-Methylquinoline and Phthalic anhydride in 200 ºC in the presence of Zinc chloride condensation; (b) 2-Methylquinoline and Diethyl phthalate in the 100 ºC were hot. (c) 3 - (2 - quinolin - ylmethylidene) - 2 - benzo [c] furanone and Sodium ethoxide in 240 ~ 250 ºC were hot. Late dye: 2-Methylquinoline and 2,6-Dimethylquinoline Phthalic anhydride mixture and in 190 ~ 220 ºC were hot.

Properties and Applications: brilliant green yellow. Insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol (yellow), linseed oil, mineral oil, oleic acid, paraffin wax, stearic acid, turpentine, soluble in acetone, Chloroform, benzene and toluene. In concentrated sulfuric acid for yellow brown, dilution after yellow floc precipitation. Used for alcohol soluble paint, polyethylene, polycarbonate, polyamide and acrylic acid resin, color cosmetics.

Standard Light Fastness Heat-resistant(ºC) water Sodium Carbonate(5%) Hydrochloric acid(5%)
Melting point Stable
ISO General 160 180≥160



Insoluble No change No change


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Solvent Yellow 33 (CAS No. 8003-22-3) for Plastic Masterbatch Solvent Yellow 33 (CAS No. 8003-22-3) for Plastic Masterbatch
Solvent Yellow 33 (CAS No. 8003-22-3) for Plastic Masterbatch

Solvent Yellow 33 (CAS No. 8003-22-3) for Plastic Masterbatch


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